Our Business

Transport Management

Cogent is one of the leading logistics providers of transportation management services in Singapore. From our humble beginnings operating a small fleet of trucks, we have since expanded our transport team tremendously to include over 100 prime movers and 400 trailers.

Our fleet is used to transport and move containers between the ports and warehouses or to our customers' designated destination. Our extensive portfolio of customers includes local and international corporations, ranging from petrochemical companies, consumer and construction chemical companies, oil and gas companies, marine, to third party logistics service providers. With over 40 years of experience, we provide the following comprehensive transportation services:

Our Services
  • Trucking service of the following cargoes:
    • Laden and empty containers
    • Dangerous goods
    • Break-bulk cargoes
    • Out of gauge cargoes
    • Projects
  • Police escort
  • Port clearance
  • Freight-coordination services such as trade and inbound/outbound customs documentation services
  • Dry hubbing service: Transportation and inventory of laden containers pending shipment
Highlights & Special Features
  • Cogent's outstanding track record as an effective logistics service provider.
  • Over 100 prime movers and 400 chassis inclusive of 20-feet, 40-feet, 45-feet, low-bed, U-bed, and flat-bed trailers.
  • Our teams are fully trained and certified by the Port Authority of Singapore (PSA) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for the transportation of dangerous goods, including handling of emergency situations.
  • GPS-guided vehicles equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and spillage kits
  • Computerised tracking and management system for optimal and efficient operations (Haulier Community System)
  • GPS tracking system that allows the tracking of delivery in real time
  • Around the clock (24 hours - 7 days) transportation service
  • Experienced with a good track record for port clearance of large volume steel cargoes and break-bulk cargoes such as steel pipes, steel plates, deformed bars, rack and chord, rails and etc.
  • Dedicated facilities for dry hubbing