About Us


COSCO SHIPPING International (Singapore) Co., Ltd., along with its subsidiaries (referred to as the "Group"), aspires to establish itself as a leading integrated logistics service provider with a significant footprint in both South and Southeast Asia.

One of our notable subsidiaries, Cogent Holdings Pte. Ltd. ("Cogent"), which we acquired in 2018, takes pride in serving a diverse clientele, ranging from local SMEs to multinational corporations. As the owner of Cogent Logistics Hub, Singapore’s largest one-stop integrated logistics hub, its core operations encompass warehousing, container depot services automotive logistics, transportation, and property management within Singapore.

To align with our expansion goals of fostering collaborative relationships within the region’s logistics landscape, Cogent oversees all subsidiaries in Malaysia through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd. These subsidiaries include SH Cogent Logistics Sdn. Bhd., Dolphin Shipping Agency Sdn. Bhd., East West Freight Services Sdn. Bhd., Gems Logistics Sdn. Bhd., Guper Integrated Logistics Sdn. Bhd, and Golden Logistics & Storage Sdn. Bhd. This strategic expansion of Cogent enhanced our logistics services in Malaysia to encompass container haulage, freight forwarding, forwarding agency services, container depot operations, and warehousing.

COSCO SHIPPING Marine Engineering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ("CSME"), a subsidiary of the Company, engages in ship repair and marine engineering activities, including annual inspection, ship store supply, fabrication work services, and production of outfitting components.

We also offer property management services through Harrington Property Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of our Company. Furthermore, we have a 40% ownership in PT Ocean Global Shipping Logistics, an Indonesian shipping logistics company specializing in services such as logistics, freight forwarding, ship agency, and container depot services.

The Company’s subsidiary, COSCO SHIPPING Southeast Asia Container Logistics Services Pte. Ltd., owns 30% of SINOVNL Company Limited (formerly known as TAN CANG-COSCO-OOCL Logistics Company Limited). This Vietnamese company offers storage and warehouse services, container station and depot services, equipment maintenance and repair, and freight transport agency services.

Since 2022, we have held a 40% ownership in COSCO SHIPPING Bulk (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd., an associated company. They specialize in dry bulk shipping, primarily focusing on voyage charter and time charter arrangements.

In March 2023, we established Goldlead Supply Chain Development (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd. with a 49% stake, amplifying our commitment to expanding regional logistics in South and Southeast Asia. Leveraging our globalized container service network, particularly in the realm of specialized "door-to-door" supply chain solutions, we are poised to enhance customer global reach. This joint venture, supported by COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd., strategically positions our logistics business unit to spearhead the development of the Southeast Asia digital supply chain market. Focused on providing diverse and digitally-driven supply chain solutions, this move solidifies COSCO SHIPPING International Singapore’s pivotal role in advancing logistics infrastructure and operation management, paving the way for broader and more technologically-advanced future business development.

In December 2023, SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd successfully acquired 100% of Golden Logistics & Storage Sdn. Bhd. from COSCO SHIPPING (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd. ("COSCO SHIPPING SEA"). This strategic transfer of shares aims to synergize the strengths of both companies, enhancing operational efficiency and expanding service offerings in the competitive logistics market. The move positions them for future growth and innovation, solidifying their presence as key players in the industry.

The Company is ultimately controlled by China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited ("Parent Company"), a state-owned enterprise headquartered in the People’s Republic of China ("PRC").